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PDF Password Remover Software
There are a lot of PDF files cannot be printed or converted, which means those PDF files have been protected. PDF Password Remover is a shareware tool to remove PDF restriction from protected PDF files on Windows and Mac OS X. You can download PDF Password Remover from here: Win or Mac.

Besides, PDF Password Remover has a Win Portable Version.

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2 Work Methods:
- Remove Owner Password Protection: Directly
- Remove User Password Protection: User Password Required

UPDATE: Now PDF Password Remover Supports All Languages PDF Files!

What Can I Do After Removing PDF Password

- Copy the Content from PDF
After removing PDF password, you copy the content text from the decrypted PDF and use the text wherever you want.

- Convert the PDF Document to Other Formats
The restricted PDF document cannot be converted. After PDF Password Remover processing, the PDF file can be converted and exported to MS Word, Excel, Image and other editable formats by other PDF converters.

- Print the PDF
Before removing the password from the protected PDF, users don't have the authority to print the PDF. Once removed the password and restrictions, the PDF file can be printed very well as a normal document.

PDF Password Remover Decrypts PDF Documents and Files

Have you come across the PDF Password Remover tool on the Internet? It is a special tool designed for Windows and Mac OS X users. The tool is a shareware application that can decrypt encrypted or restricted PDF files. Without this tool, you cannot modify, print or convert restricted or password protected PDFs. If you have such files on your PC, start your download now. As soon as you get this tool, you will remove any password that is preventing you from accessing, converting or printing your PDF files. Note that there is a separate download for Mac and Windows users.

PDF Password Remover Portable Version

Additionally, PDF Password Remover provides a Win Portable Version. This is a zip file that does not have to be installed on a PC. All a user should do is to unzip the files to a folder and then run their PDF Password Remove .exe file. A portable version simply means that one could save their program to a portable disk like a flash disk drive. Later on they can copy and utilize the program on any computer they own without installing it first.

Working mechanism of PDF Password Remover

Note that the PDF Password Remover software will work in two main ways. First, it will directly remove Owner Password Protection. Then, it will remove User Password Protection although the user password is required. When it comes to usage, you should drag and drop your PDF files on to the Remover window. This will prompt it to begin removing owner or user password protection.

What's next after PDF Password is removed?

- Copy decrypted content from your PDF and utilize it anywhere and in any way you want.

- Convert your decrypted PDF files to any other document format. If you didn't know, a restricted or an encrypted PDF file cannot be converted. Unless you are using an extremely effective and advanced PDF To Word Converter, you will have to make use of a PDF Password Remover first. So after using the Remover application to remove a password encryption, you can use your favorite PDF converter to turn your PDF files to MS Word, MS Excel, and Images or to any other readable document.

- Print your PDF after removing the password protection. It is impossible to turn your PDF to a printed copy, if it is password protected. So after using your PDF Password Remover you can freely print your PDFs. You can be sure of getting normal printed documents.

PDF Password Remover Advantages

By choosing to download PDF Password Remover, you can expect a few advantages. First, you can make use of the Batch Mode. This mode can enable you to remove password protection from a batch of PDF files. All you have to do is to drag and drop several files and process them. This is not only a fun thing to do but also an economical and a practical one. It goes without saving that this PDF tool enables you to do three things when you have password-protected PDF files: Print out, convert or modify and use files as you wish. The fact that it decrypts restricted files and makes them usable is something to be proud of.

Are there issues to expect from PDF Password Remover?

It is possible for a PDF to still ask you for a password to open it even if you have used a PDF Password Remover. The main reason for this is that the password was left intact even after using the Remover tool. If you don't provide the required user password the tool cannot do its work. You need a user password to get rid of the password and restriction that prevents you from printing, converting or using your PDFs as you please.

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